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2012 the biggest government shill operation ever.

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2012 the biggest government shill operation ever.

Here is what I believe will happen in the famed 2012. First off I have noticed that a lot of government shills like to put out a lot of false info to distract the real information from getting to the people. Like the pole shift for example. We all know there isn’t going to be a physical pole shift on March 15th. Well, I don’t believe there is. I think this idea was put out by paid government shills to distract from the real possibility of a magnetic pole shift. There have been signs such as the Tampa Airport runway fiasco and GPS and Compass readings being wrong, that we could actually experience a magnetic pole shift. But if you notice most people have no idea that there is a difference between the two. I believe a good example was on the Alex Jones show today. It seems even Alex doesn’t know the difference. Again, I think this has been done on purpose to confuse the issue. People who know the possibility of a physical pole shift scoff at those who say “pole shift”. Basically making us just conspiracy theorist who believe anything.
Take that into the 2012 theory. The real point of this post. If you ask 9 out of 10 people on the street about 2012, they say” the world isn’t going to end in 2012 even the Mayans say it isn’t.” Which by the way I totally agree. But, I believe something will happen in 2012. Why else has the government built bunkers all over the US? Why are the FEMA detention centers ready and waiting? Even today it was announced the President would be able to broadcast over the EMS in April of 2012. I believe that we will have devastating solar flares that will shut down the US electrical grid. NASA scientists have warned us that this has the potential of happening. It was too late to upgrade and prevent the grid from going down. So being that it’s too late to prevent it, they start building bunkers and stockpiling food for the Government workers and important people to ride out the estimated 6 months without electricity and the chaos that will ensue. I honestly believe that the government paid shills to spread the 2012 theory all over the internet. You cannot discuss 2012 without people saying its all hype. Or honestly believe the hype around the Mayan calendar. What a better way to be able to avoid anyone taking solar flares seriously. Lump all 2012 theories together and your average Joe and Jane on the street do not believe anything. Because we know if they announced tomorrow or had to admit the coming of dangerous solar flares and that it would take out the grid, people would be going crazy. People would charge up all their credit cards, buy thousands of dollars of food and gasoline and other supplies. The government couldn’t handle it, they don’t want handle it. So let the masses sit back and laugh at the whole 2012 Conspiracy while the elite plan their escape to safety. All I can say is next year if you start to notice no celebrity sightings and your favorite network newscaster is on vacation while a no name reporter takes over, and the Obama clan and other politicians disappear, watch out. The time is near.

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