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People he is a douche

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People he is a douche

Post made an AC member=


Security alert type : Port Scan
Protocol type : TCP
IP source address :
Time at last attempt : 2/7/11 09:08:24 PM
Number of ports that were scanned: 170
Highest port : 1029
Lowest port : 23
23 80 81 82 443 559 808 1027 1028 1029
(Only the first 10 ports are recorded.)

Trinity aka Jason Lucas responds=


we are

read the disclaimer

you consent to a proxy check by making a post on this website

don't like it?

don't come here

we don't allow proxies to post here

your IP will get scanned ONE TIME only when you make your first post once we clear it as legit it does not get scanned again
if we detect a proxy it will be banned and the post removed
simple as that
"This website implements certain security features in order to prevent spam and posting abuse. By making a post on this website you consent to any automated security checks required by our system to authenticate your IP address as belonging to an actual human. It is forbidden to make posts on this website from open proxy servers. By making a post on this website you consent to an automated one time limited port scan of your IP address which is required by our security system to validate the authenticity of your internet connection."

Another poster responds with this:

Hell yeah, why don't we just give up all of our privacy so we can feel safe? Right......RIGHT?

Sorry, but your justification is invalid, Trinity, and Phoenix.

This is just one level of a course of overall action to monitor and document all who mingle in public areas, and now, you have invaded my home. THIS IS MY COMPUTER, NOT YOURS TO GO SNOOPING AROUND IN!

I drive my car in public, but the police still need suspicion beyond a reasonable doubt, which justifies a warrant, to search my vehicle.

My computer is my vehicle for the internet, and you have no just cause or suspicion beyond a reasonable doubt, nor the law enforcement status, to search my computer unless I have done something clearly questionable in the eyes of the law, which I have not.

I will not be subject to search due to the actions of others unassociated with me.

Do you understand?

Go ahead, and do a port search of my computer, and let me document it. I will see to it, in a court of law, that this "grey area" is more clearly defined.
Quoting: Try Me 1259672

Response from Trinity aka Jason Lucas aka nutcase who has no idea how to treat people loyal to his website:

bring it bitch

this is a private network

by making a post on this network you consent to our terms of service which include a port scan security check of every IP that attempts to post here

don't like it?

stay off our private network bitch

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People he is a douche :: Comments


Post on Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:04 pm by Guestard

Yup, not going back. Took it for granted but talk of port scaning troll cookies and flowers and kittens finally put me off to it.

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Post on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:41 am by DSV

Port scanning for identifying purposes.
GLP is a Cointel Operation
Connections to Nsa,Fbi,Dhs,Dod,Cia and several other Intelligence Agencies.
the fact that he bans proxies is suspicious in the first place nothing is ''anonymous'' about his forum, they have logs of your ip addresses and will hand it over to government.

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